Tattvaṭīkā on Rāmānuja's Śrībhāṣya

ID: 90204
Full name: Tattvaṭīkā on Rāmānuja's Śrībhāṣya
Author: Vedāntadeśika
Availability: Fragmented
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Commentary
Structure: Anuṣṭubh and autocommentary thereon, commenting on each short passage of the ŚrīBh. Perhaps following the model of the Tantravārttika?

ends abruptly while commenting on ŚrīBh "atrāpy ārambhaṇādhikaraṇe nipuṇataram upapādayiṣyate" within the Mahāpūrvapakṣa ad 1.1.1 (p. 187 of the edition of ŚrīBh by U.T. Vīrarāghavācārya, p. 625 of the 1959 edition with commentaries to the śrutaprakāśikā).

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NCC VIII, 43; XV, 34
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This work is a commentary on: Śrībhāṣya
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