Appayya Dikshita
Appayya Dikshita
Appayya Dikshita
Appayya Dikshita
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About PANDiT

PANDiT is a digital humanities project with a unique and ambitious task: to create a database for the vast world of South Asian letters. The name stands for the Sanskrit title of a virtuoso scholar with full mastery of traditional knowledge systems, but as an acronym it also states the project’s main objective: the creation of a Prosopographical Database of Indic Texts. Broadly stated, PANDiT seeks to store, curate, and share reliable data on works, people, places, institutions, and manuscripts from premodern South Asia, in addition to relevant secondary sources, and to do so across period, language, discipline and subject matter. It is designed as an interactive web-based repository that scholars of every South Asian specialty and interest can contribute to and as a basic tool on which they will routinely come to rely.

Featured Project: Vedānta BORI

The “Rise of Vedānta” project is the first to use the Pandit platform in order to systematically chart a large corpus by digitizing BORI’s carefully curated descriptive catalog on Vedānta manuscripts.

Contributed to 7,452 entities:

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