Bhāṣya on Bādarāyaṇa's Brahmasūtras

ID: 88447
Full name: Bhāṣya on Bādarāyaṇa's Brahmasūtras
Alternative names: Dramiḍabhāṣya
More facts:
  • Name "Dramiḍabhāṣya" found in the Tattvaṭīkā
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NCC IX, 178
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Works reusing:
  • Tattvaṭīkā on Rāmānuja's Śrībhāṣya - Verbatim, Correct attribution, Endorsement (The text (called Dramiḍabhāṣya in the TṬ) is not available, so that I am not sure about the kind of reuse nor about whether the attribution is correct)
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This work is a commentary on: Brahmasūtra
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Contributors: Karl Potter, Elisa Freschi