ID: 108986
Full name: Bālabodhinī
Author: Jagaddhara
Year: 1375 c.
Site of composition: Kashmir
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Kātantra, Vyākaraṇa
Genre: Commentary
Alternative names: Kātantrabālabodhinī, Kātantravṛtti
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Adaptations of this work: Laghulalitavṛtti
Commentaries on this work: Bālabodhinīprakāśa
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This work is a commentary on: Kātantrasūtra
Reused works:
    • Vikramāṅkadevacarita (Upon presenting the Vikramāṅkacarita to Kashmiri Pandits of Srinagar, they told Bühler that verses from the Vikramāṅkacarita are quoted in the Bālabodhinī. (Bühler Report p. 48))
Relates to People
People mentioned in this work: Yaśodhara
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