MS Delhi National Museum 57.106/221

ID: 109095
Works contained:
Located in: Delhi
Accession number: 57.106/221
Currently collected in (Collection): National Museum Sanskrit Manuscripts Collection
Serial number: 52
Script: Sarada
Material: Country paper
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 74
Sheet dimensions: 6 ³⁄₄ × 9 ¹⁄₃ inch
More facts:
  • Extent: 160 pages
  • This seems to be continuation of 57.106/220
  • Folios are not arranged in sequence
  • The first folio is paginated as 95 and the last folio is paginated as 240 in which the sūtra dhātoś ca hetau (Kātantra 3.2.10) occurs on the recto
  • The handlist of the National Museum reads: "...This Balabodhini is equipped with another commentary which is found at irregular intervals. The condition of the ms is very fragile and bad. Almost every folios turned and torn at corners and sides. Some of the folios are torn from in between. The folios are not arranged in the serial order. Good condition. Size 9 1/3 X 6 3/4" folios 74.
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