MS London BL IOLR 3832 a

ID: 109062
Works contained:
Located in: London
Stored in: British Library
Accession number: 3832 a
Currently collected in (Collection): India Office Library and Records
Serial number: 7879
Year: 1750 c.
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 58
Original number of folios: 100
Extant sheet range: 43–100(nowmarked2–59)
Lines per page: 14
Sheet dimensions: 6 ⁷⁄₈ × 8 inch
More facts:
  • Fairly well written but the MS is not correct.
  • There are parts of Pādas I and IV, and Pādas II and III complete.
  • The beginning of the MS. is lost, and the numbers and a few letters of the first eighteen leaves (now numbered 2-19) are lost; they were originally foll. 43-60. The first sūtra preserved is, fol. 2 (43): īdūtstryākhyau nadī (II. 1. 9)||
  • Foll. 61 and 80 of the original have been replaced with paper; foll. 88 and 89 are misnumbered 98 and 99.
  • Lines per page: 14-16
  • Date of Accession: August 17, 1927
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