MS Delhi NantionalMuseum 76.726/1

ID: 109098
Works contained:
Located in: Delhi
Accession number: 76.726/1
Other number: Serial No. 54
Oldness: Fairly old
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 183
More facts:
  • Extent: 366 pages
  • Someone from Lajpat Nagar was the owner of this manuscript. National Museum, Delhi bought it in 1976.
  • The final folio is paginated as 180.
  • Damaged. Some folios are torn.
  • The handlist of the National Museum reads: "Balabodhini birch bark manuscripts in two volumes. The broken and damaged leaves have been pasted on paper and bound in one. The last is written in blank.
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