MS Delhi NAI Collection 2 Vol. No. 53

ID: 109248
Works contained:
Located in: Delhi
Accession number: Vol. No. 53
Currently collected in (Collection): Collection 2
Serial number: 24
Microfilm copy: Reel No. 9, Accession No. 16086
Script: Sarada
Material: Birch bark
Condition: Poor
Number of folios: 256
More facts:
  • Blue bound. Ink often soaks to the other side which makes the writing often illegible.
  • According to Varsha Patel's survey, there are 692 pages and folios are paginated. It contains all the 4 prakaraṇas: sandhi, nāman, ākhyāta and kr̥t. The microfilm record says it has 256 leaves. The microfilm copy is sometimes too faded to read. The original can be read more easily.
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