ID: 90203
Full name: Seśvaramīmāṃsā
Author: Vedāntadeśika
Availability: Fragmented
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Commentary
Structure: Comments on sūtras

Commentary on PMS, but includes also floating verses and summary verses (saṅgrahaśloka) at the beginning and end of each book and at the end of each adhikaraṇa. All verses are ślokas apart from the first three and the last one of SM 1. The first three are an atiśakvarī, an ārya with an abnormal structure (cd-ab instead of the opposite) and a vasantatilakā respectively. The last one in SM 1 is again an atiśakvarī

Refs to refbooks:
EIP 16, 2014, 425-426
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Manuscript distribution: South India
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Reused works:
    • Bhagavadguṇadarpaṇa on the Viṣṇusahasranāma - Endorsement (quote explicitly attributed to the Bhagavadguṇadarpaṇa in order to show that it agrees with the SM's position (although the original text could be interpreted otherwise), see p. 13 of the 1971 edition.)
    • Vedānta(tattva)sāra - Close version of, Correct attribution, Endorsement (calls the work sāragrantha)
    • Aṣṭādhyāyī - Verbatim, Correct attribution, Endorsement (attributed to "anuśāsana", see p. 15 of the 1971 edition)
    • Chāndogyopaniṣad - Verbatim, Correct attribution, Endorsement (attribution: āmananti chandogāḥ)
    • Nayaviveka - Verbatim, Close version of, Correct attribution, Criticism (see p. 17 of the 1971 et passim)
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