ID: 102263
Full name: Viṣṇusmṛti
Site of composition: Kashmir
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Dharmaśāstra
Structure: 100 chapters, prose and verses at the end of each chapter. The initial chapter and the two concluding ones are in verses.

Edited on the basis of five manuscripts by Jolly (1881), and on the basis of 12 manuscripts in the Adyar Library (1964, with commentary by Nandapaṇḍita). Translated by Julius Jolly in 1880.

A Vaiṣṇava dharmaśāstra. Patrick Olivelle writes that it was written between 7th and 10th AD, on the basis of iconographic description of images found in eight c. Kaśmīr. Terminus ante quem: it is quoted by Medhātithi (9th c.) in his commentary on the Mānavadharmaśāstra. See Patrick Olivelle, INDOLOGICA TAURINENSIA 33 (2007).

Jolly and Kane note that it depends on Manu.

Lingat mentions it, but derives his information from Kane 1962--1975.

Related Works
Works reusing:
  • Seśvaramīmāṃsā - Endorsement (p. 52 of the 1971 edition)
  • Manubhāṣya - Close version of, Correct attribution, False attribution, Endorsement (3 mentions, only one of which can be traced back to the extant Viṣṇusmṛti)
Related Manuscripts
Manuscript distribution: No manuscripts in southern scripts, only manuscripts in Devanāgarī have been used for the editions.
Print sources
  • Scholarship:
    Kane, P.V. 1975 ((see all volumes by Kane 1962--1975). Kane compares it to Manu and Yājñavalkya.)
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