MS London WL Indic Alpha 376

ID: 110540
Located in: London
Stored in: Wellcome Library
Shelfmark: Alpha 376
Accession number: Alpha_376
Currently collected in (Collection): Indic
Material: Paper
Number of folios: 2
Lines per page: 7
Letters per line: 20
Sheet dimensions: 11.0 × 6.0 cm
  • (This TEI description is based on unpublished cataloguing notes by David E. Pingree kindly provided under a CC BY 4.0 license by the American Philosophical Society (APS), which holds the rights to Pingree’s u) - Electronic
Last update: 29.06.2022 - 17:42
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Contributors: Arpan Guha, Yigal Bronner
Attributed to: Samhita, Wellcome Pingree