Yigal Bronner

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Year 700 c.
Authors: Daṇḍin
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Yigal Bronner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He teaches and writes about Sanskrit poetry and poetic theory and South Asian intellectual history. He is the author of Extreme Poetry: The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration (Columbia University Press, 2010) and many articles, including ones on poets and thinkers from the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent and the historiographical tradition of Kashmir in the far north. He is also the coauthor or coeditor of several other books, including Innovations and Turning Points: Toward a History of Kāvya Literature (with David Shulman and Gary Tubb; Oxford University Press, 2014).
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Sanskrit poetry, Sanskrit poetic theory, South Asian intellectual history
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