ID: 109570
Full name: Mahimnastava
Author: Puṣpadanta
Year: 850 c.
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Kāvya, Śaivism (general)
Genre: Stotra
Length: 32 (+8/9) verses
Alternative names: Dhūrjaṭistotram, Mahimna-stava, Mahimna-stotra, Mahimnaḥ stava, Mahimnaḥ stotra, Mahimnaḥ-pāra stava, Mahimnaḥ-pāra stotra, Śivamahimna-stava, Śivamahimna-stotra, Śivamahimnaḥ stava, Śivamahimnaḥ stotra
Name in local script: महिम्नः स्तव, महिम्नः स्तोत्र, महिम्नः-पार स्तव, शिवमहिम्नः स्तोत्र
More facts:
  • Often given with the ungrammatical labels Mahimnastava or Mahimnastotra, the Mahimnaḥstava [MS] is an important hymn (stotra) in praise of Śiva attributed to a certain Puṣpadanta.
  • Written in an elegant poetic (kāvya) register, the MS hymn is a résumé of the Purāṇic Śiva as it has allusions to all his significant attributes as well as the major legends and episodes related to him.
  • The MS is occasionally attributed to Grahila or Kumārila Bhaṭṭa.
  • The popularity of the text is attested by the widespread distribution of manuscripts as well as the many commentaries.
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