MS Chandigarh DAV College LRL-SPLC 2314

ID: 99169
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Located in: Chandigarh
Stored in: DAV College
Shelfmark: 2314
Script: Devanagari
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Notes from Manuscript Concordance by Karin Preisendanz, Cristina Pecchia and members of the Vienna Caraka Research Project (with corrections DW):

Lal Chand Research Library, Dayanand Anglo-Vedic College, Chandigarh, ms. 2314 {S}
Catalogue of VVRI. Manuscript Collection in Two Parts, Part I, Hoshiarpur 1959, ed. by Vishva Bandhu, no. 2314 (p. 237) [ABC 121] [B 0383]
[FSTB/Ha 16: 6243]
Details: 182 folios (ci 4 to si 12.51), Devanagari, paper, no date
Remarks: Mss. no. 2314 and 2315 contain a complete CS; they are written by different hands. Most probably the (combined) ms. is mentioned by Y. T. Ācārya in the introduction to his 3rd edition of the CS (1941) [Bo8 E ] (no. 30 link to bib_ed).

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