MS 162-1879-80

ID: 98050
Works contained:
Year: 1808
Table of contents:

Ms. contains 6 chapters as follows: I 39; II 30; III 42; IV 37; V 37; VI 56

Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Physical completeness: Complete
Number of folios: 16
Lines per page: 12
Letters per line: 25
Sheet dimensions: 6 ¹⁄₄ × 5 ¹⁄₈ inch
More info:

Country paper, thin, crisp and grey Devanāgarī characters; handwriting medium small, beautiful and uniform; borders ruled with two spaced series of three and two red lines; speakers indicated in red as also verse-endings and colophons. White pigment occasionally used for corrections; leaves are double, and pagination only on even foll.

This manuscript is said to have been written for Gopālagirajī.

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