ID: 96372
Full name: Caṇḍānurañjana
Author: Ghanaśyāma
Year: 1730 c.
Site of composition: Thanjāvur
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Nāṭya

The Caṇḍānurañjana is a prahasana (satire) of Ghanaśyāma that is not yet published. Chitra Shukla describes it as follows:

"Three young men---Mārjāra, Barkara, and Tarṇaka---are allowed by a Dīkṣita to have free sexual relations with his wife Sthūlayoni. The Dīkṣita himself wants to make love to another lady. Barkata proposes to dress Tarṇaka as a lady and to send to the Dīkṣita. The Prahasana thus contains various rather disconnected scenes within this thin outline. Thus the three young men meet a Digambara monk who was caught red-handed when he was making love to a wealthy housewife. They also meet the Physician Vakradanta, the poet Tātajata, Dīrghaśefa, and Sārameya."

"The Prahasana freely refers to homosexuality, masturbation, illicit love and contains highly improper descriptions of women. The corrupt ways and behaviour of the ascetics are satirized and ridiculed. The Prahasana has become a curious mixture of course, farcical buffoonery, and intellectual laughter. The humour springs from witty and striking dialogues, jokes, and sarcastic references to Physicians, Goswamis and monks of ದther sects."

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Manuscript distribution: MS. No. 1136 at the Tanjore Sarasvati Mahal Library
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