ID: 85489
Full name: Hemacandra
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 1088 c.
Year of death: 1172 c.
Social identifiers: Ācārya, Jaina monk, Kalikāsarvajñā
Place of birth: Dhandhuka
Place of death: Pāṭaṇa
Activity year: 1180 c.
Alternative names: Changadeva, Hemacandra (Kalikāsarvajñā)
Name in local script: हेमचन्द्र
Refs to refbooks:
EIP 14, 2013, 394-396
VIAF ID: 262581533
  • This famous Jaina monk and scholar wrote extensively and in depth in many different fields. He is perhaps the single most important literary figure of twelfth century India. His biography see Buhler 1889. He was born in Ḍhunaka near Āhmedabad. The famuly guru devacandra took the boy at the age of five and entered him in the jaina monastery at Cambay. Later he was patronised by teh learned and catholic minded cālukya king of Saurāṣṭra, Jayasiṃha Siddharāja (1094-1143). It was this king who asked Hemacandra to compose an original grammar. He produced śabdānuśasana and two commentaries on it.
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Students: Rāmacandra
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People this person was known to: Malayagiri
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Father: Caciga
Knew: Malayagiri
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Been to: Cambay
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