Vasilʹev 1857

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Translated into Russian by A. Vassilieff, Buddizm, ego dogmaty, istorija i literatura (St. Petersburg 1857). This translated into German by A. Schiefner as Der Buddhismus, Seine Dogmen, Geschichte und Literatur (St. Petersubrg 1860), and thence into French as Le Bouddhisme, ses dogmes, son histoire et sa literature (Paris 1865)

Print title: Buddizm, ego dogmaty, istorija i literatura
Author: Vasilʹev, Vasilij
Year: 1857
Address: Sankt-Peterburg
Publisher: Tipografija Imperatorskoj Akademii Nauk
Volume: 1

This was translated into German in Vasilʹev 1860 and into French in Vasilʹev 1863

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