ID: 44719
Full name: Pampa
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 902
Year of death: 975
Activity year: 941 c.
Alternative names: Kavitāguṇārṇava

Pampa is widely regarded as the ādikavi, or first poet, of Kannaḍa literature. Patronized by Arikēsari II of the Vēmulavāḍa Caḷukyas, he wrote two major poems within the span of a year (939 CE): the Ādipurāṇa is a work of Jain universal history, and the Vikramārjunavijaya is a retelling of the Mahābhārata story (hence it is also known as Pampa-Bhārata). Both are in the campū or mixed prose/verse style.

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Siblings: Jinavallabha
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