MS E.11.a

ID: 110557
Other number: E.11.a
Alternative names: Cāturmāsyahautraprayoga & Kārīrīṣṭihautraprayoga
Material: Paper
Physical completeness: Complete
Lines per page: 10
Letters per line: 40
More facts:
  • Cāturmāsyahautraprayoga; see NCC, Vol. 7, p.16. And a Kārīrīṣṭihautraprayoga; see NCC, Vol. 3, p.385.
  • It has two different Mss. Put together, one is Cāturmāsyahautraprayoga text (f. 1v-14v)and the other is kārīrīṣṭihautraprayogaḥ text (f. 15-15v).
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