Borooah 1977

ID: 110157
Print kind: Book
Short name: Borooah 1977
Print title: Dhātuvṛttisāra
Name in local script: धातुवृत्तिसारः
Language: Sanskrit
Editor: Borooah, Anundoram
Year: 1977
Year note: Reprint. First published 1877
Address: Gauhati
Publisher: Publication Board, Assam
Discipline scholarship: Dhātupāṭha , Kātantra , Vyākaraṇa
Genre scholarship: Vṛtti
Language scholarship: Sanskrit
State scholarship: Asom
More facts:
  • Full title: Dhatu-Vrittisara, or the Material Portion of Katantra Ganavritti. With extracts from Ramanatha's Manorama. From the Dhatukosa of Anundoram Borooah
  • First published in 1877
  • Reprinted and published by C. P. Saikia, Secretary, Publication Board, Assam, Gauhati 781021
  • Printed by The Pooran Press, 21, Balaram Ghosh Street, Calcutta 700004
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