ID: 109934
Full name: Yatirājavaibhava
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Hagiography
Structure: 114 verses
More facts:
  • The author is said to be Rāmānuja's direct disciple in the Āṟāyirappaṭi and Muāyirappaṭi
  • Discussed in Dutta 2014
  • Edited and translated by Varadachariar 1978
  • Edited in Grantha script in the Guruparamparā of the Ahobila Matha, 1914
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Manuscript distribution: 3 Grantha Manuscripts in Tirupati
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This work mentions: Śrībhāṣya
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Sites mentioned in this work: Kāñcipuram, Śrīraṅgam
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