ID: 109578
Full name: Mṛtasañjīvinī
Year: 990 c.
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Chandas
Structure: Prosecommentary with illustrative verses.
Alternative names: Chandovṛtti, Halāyudhavṛtti
Name in local script: मृतसञ्जीविनी, हलायुधवृत्ति, छन्दोवृत्ति
More facts:
  • The Mṛtasañjīvinī attests to Halāyudha’s skill in handling different metres, as he has composed illustrative verses that often embed the name of their metrical templum.
  • This mudrālaṅkāra has been imitated by several later authors of texts on Sanskrit chandas.
  • The text has verses about Rāṣṭrakūṭa Kannaradēva (named as Kṛṣṇarāja), his brother Khoṭṭiga (given as Khuḍiga ) and their Pāramāra enemy Muñja.
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This work is a commentary on: Chandaḥsūtra
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