ID: 96475
Full name: Jayadeva
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Jaina, Jaina monk, Śvetāmbara
Activity year: 800 c.
Alternative names: Śvetapaṭa

Jayadeva was the author of an early text on metrics (the Jayadevacchandas). He is quoted often by Jain authors, and occasionally criticised by non-Jains—including by Halāyudha, the tenth-century author of a commentary on Piṅgala’s Chandaḥsūtras, who refers to Jayadeva as “white-robe” (śvetapaṭa). His date is approximate: the lower limit is Piṅgala’s text, the date of which is also not known with any certainty, and the upper limit is Svayambhū (ninth century).

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