ID: 108721
Full name: Meghadūta
Author: Kālidāsa
Language: Sanskrit
Discipline: Kāvya
Genre: Dūtakāvya
Length: 110 verses (approximately)
Alternative names: Meghasandeśa

The Meghadūta is a short poem (khaṇḍakāvya) of a little over a hundred verses written by of Kālidāsa. It is the archetype of the genre of courier-poems ( sandeśa-kāvya , dūtakāvya) as well as the earliest attestation for 17 syllable-per-line metre mandākrāntā. It is an important and early example of kāvya literature, with pervasive and enduring influence on later Indian poetry.

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  • Kale 1934 (with Mallinātha's Sañjīvanī)
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