Klaus-Ludwig Janert's Collection

Short name: Janert
Alternative names: Sammlung Janert
Located in: Berlin

This collection consists of 494 palm-leaf manuscripts (see vol. 15 of VOHD) and approximately 1900 Kashmiri manuscripts (see vols 16-19 of VOHD).

Gerhard Ehlers (vol. 15 of VOHD, p. 7) surmises that it could be possible that Janert bought the collection of Raja Sir Ram Singh's manuscript library. Because Kak and Shastri mention (p. 1) in the descriptive catalogue of Maharaja Harisinghji Bahadur's private library, "The late Raja Sir Ram Singh's manuscript library consisting of nearly 2000 volumes has been transferred in toto to the Raghunath Temple Library of Jammu, but it is not included in Sir Aurel Stein's Catalogue of that Library."

Since 1996 Janert's collection became the property of the Berlin State Library.

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