Kak and Shastri 1927

ID: 109024
Print kind: Book
Short name: Kak and Shastri 1927
Print title: A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Private Library of His Highness Shri Rajarajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shri Harisinghji Bahadur of Jammu and Kashmir
Language: English
Author: Kak, Ramchandra; Shastri, Harabhatta
Year: 1927
Address: Poona
Publisher: The authority of His Highness the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir
Discipline scholarship: Other discipline (Manuscript Catalogue)
Genre scholarship: Other genre

Biswas p. 109

Short description in tabular form of 274 Sanskrit mss. Summaries of important mss. (p. 6-20). Extracts from select mss. (p. 39-92). Title list of about 1051 printed books in the Library (p. 93-106).

"The Late Raja Ram Singh's manuscripts Library consisting of nearly two thousand volumes has been transferred in toto to Raghunath Temple Library of Jammu, but it is not included in Aurel Stein's catalogue of that library" (p. 1). The Sanskrit library of Raja Amar Singh was in the possession of his son Hari Singh, and presently with his grandson Karan Singh. The catalogue lists 274 mss. out of a total of 1325 volumes.

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