ID: 108904
Full name: Durgasiṁha
Gender: Male
Other social identifier: Mahāsandhivigrahi,Gautama gotra, Kamme kula
Activity year: 1025 c.
Alternative names: Durga
Name in local script: ದುರ್ಗಸಿಂಹ

Durgasiṁha was a 11th century Kannada poet who wrote the Karṇātaka-pañcatantra (1025 CE). He was a brahmana of the Gautama gotra, Kamme clan born to Īśvarārya and Rēvakabbe. He was a high ranking minister (mahāsandhivigrahi) in the court of the Kalyāṇa Cāḷukya king Jayasiṁha.

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Teacher: Mēghacandra
Patron: Jayasiṃha
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Been to: Banavāsi, Savadi
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