ID: 108902
Full name: Mēghacandra
Gender: Male
Year of death: 1115 c.
Social identifiers: Bhaṭṭāraka
Alternative names: Kukkuṭāsana Maladhāridēva, Mēghacandra Traividya
Name in local script: मेघचन्द्र त्रैविद्य, ಮೇಘಚಂದ್ರ ತ್ರೈವಿದ್ಯ

Mēghacandra Traividya was a celebrated Digambara jaina monk with the following affiliation - Dēśi gaṇa, Pustaka gaccha, Kundakunda anvaya, Mūla saṅgha. His teacher was Sakalendu. Mēghacandra and his disciple Prabhacandra were the teachers of the chieftain Gaṅgarāja and the Hoysaḷa queen Śāntaḷā.

Mēghacandra is mentioned in the Pañcatantra of Durgasiṁha and the Rāmacandra-carita-purāṇam of Nāgacandra.

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