Trippūṇittura handlist

ID: 108237
Print kind: Unpubished
Short name: Trippūṇittura handlist
Print title: Trippūṇittura [undated handlist]
Year: 1950
Year note: Approximate date

NCC, volume 15, p. lii: "Five hand-lists of collections of manuscripts in Trippunittura, Cochin, Kerala State, containing respectively 1839, 353, 211 43 and 33 manuscripts.

  • I & II. List of mss. in the Palace Library,
  • III. List of mss. in the Puliyannur Mana. Same as Puliyannūr Mana.,
  • IV. List of mss. in the Vadekkedattu Mana.
  • V. List of mss. belonging to Āyurvedavidvān T. Kunchu Varier. See Biswas #0995.
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