Somadeva Sūri

ID: 102252
Full name: Somadeva Sūri
Gender: Male
Activity years: 959 - 966

Somadēva Sūri was a Digambara Jain monk who belonged to the Devasaṅgha (or, according to the Parbhani inscription, the Gauḍasaṅgha). He wrote a number of works, including Yaśastilakacampū and Nītivākyāmṛta. The rest do not survive, but they are referred to in the colophons of his other works: Saṇṇavatiprakaraṇa, Yukticintāmaṇisūtra, and Trivargamahendramātalisaṃjalpa. He was patronized by the Cāḷukyas of Vēmulavāḍa, and wrote his Yaśastilakacampū under the patronage of Vadyaga (Baddiga II) in 959. The Parbhani inscription records a donation of a village by Baddiga II to a Jain temple called Śubhadhāma, in favor of Somadeva Sūri. This gift was made in 966 CE. His Yaśastilakacampū addresses, apparently, kings of the Rāṣṭrakūṭa, Cedi, and Bodhagayā Rāṣṭrakūṭa dynasties.

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