Lawrence McCrea

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Lawrence McCrea has published extensively in the fields of classical Indian hermeneutics, language theory, poetics, and scriptural interpretation. He is the author of The Teleology of Poetics in Medieval Kashmir (Harvard 2008) and co-author (with Parimal Patil) of Buddhist Philosophy of Language in India: Jñānaśrīmitra on Exclusion (Columbia 2010). He co-edited (with Whitney Cox and Yigal Bronner) New Directions in South Asian Studies: Critical Engagements with Sheldon Pollock(Association for Asian Studies, 2011). He is currently preparing a Reader on Classical Indian Hermeneutics, as part of the series Historical Sourcebooks in Classical Indian Thought, under contract with Columbia University Press, and a translation of Ruyyaka's Essence of Figuration (Alaṃkārasarvasva) for the Murty Classical Library of India.
Cornell University
Areas of expertise:
Mimamsa, Sanskrit poetics, Vedanta, Buddhist epistemology, traditional Indian philsophy of language, epistemology
Languages of expertise:
English, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Other language