Aiyamperumāḷ Civanta Kavirācar

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Full name: Aiyamperumāḷ Civanta Kavirācar
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 1550 c.
Place of birth: Tenkasi
Alternative names: Aiyam perumāḷ Civanta Kavirācaṉ, Aiyamperumāḷ Civanta Kavirācaṉ, Ayyamperumāḷ civanta kavirācar, Ayyamperumāḷ civanta kavirācaṉ, Ayyamperumāṭcivantakavirācar, Ayyamperumāṭcivantakavirācaṉ

Aiyamperumāḷ Civanta Kavirācar was a 16th century Tenkasi-based poet, of whom only one work survived--the Purūravacaritai ("The Life of Purūravas").

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Been to: Tenkasi
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