ID: 99327
Full name: Samāraṅganasūtradhāra
Author: Bhojadeva

In eighty-three chapters. A work on architecture that includes chapters on geography, the extent of the earth, the ages of men and gods, the classes of society, varieties of earth, measurements, town planning, site plans, arteries and veins in the body of the vastupurusa, the marmans, planning based on the vastupurusa, royal palaces, timber from forests, Indra's banner, names of kinds of towns, building open-sided halls, uneven ground, 72 types of three-room buildings, two-room buildings, one-room houses, doors and walls, enumeration of house types, astrological considerations, eight kinds of public hall, doors, pillars, etc., beds, chairs, etc., the king's home, machines (ch. 31), elephants, horses, private and public items in buildings, stone foundations, bali offerings, peg-and-string measurements, city locations for officials and castes, doorways, thrones, bricklaying, peace performances, evils of falling doorways, qualities of an architect, eight components of town planning, peace offerings for a collapsed city gate, altars, faults in house building, several chapters on temples and palaces, including orientation etc. of courtiers' quarters and airplanes and other palaces (ch. 59), thrones again, southern palaces and skyscrapers, yet more on palaces and temples, pavilions (ch. 66), painting (71), clay moddeling and stucco, turrets and spires, measurement etc. of statues and divine images, types of human (81), eleven sentiments of painting (82), and sixty-four hand movements (83).

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    Kind: Mangala passage

    devaḥ sa pātu bhuvanatrayasūtradhārastvāṃ bālacandrakalikāṅkitajūṭakoṭiḥ/

    etat samagramapi kāraṇamantareṇa kārtsnyādasūtritamasūtryata yena viśvam / 1 /



    Cited from the 1966 Baroda edition.

    Kind: Other (specify which below)

    sukhaṃ dhanāni ṛddhiśca santatiḥ sarvadā nṛṇām/ priyāṇyeṣāṃ tu saṃsiddhayai sarvaṃ syācchubhalakṣaṇam/ 2/



    Kind: Other (specify which below)

    catuḥṣaṣṭirihedānīṃ hastānāmabhidhīyate/ lakṣaṇaṃ vini (yogaśca) yogāyogavibhāgataḥ /1/


    Start of the final chapter, 83.

    Kind: Explicit

    urordhayogāt pārśvārdhayogācca kramaśaḥ(sthitau)/ (etau vidvā)n vijāniyāduraḥpārśvārdhamaṇḍalau/

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