MS Pune BORI 151-1883-84

ID: 98482
Works contained:
Located in: Pune
Shelfmark: 151-1883-84
Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Damaged
Physical completeness: Incomplete
Number of folios: 9
Lines per page: 10
Letters per line: 44
Sheet dimensions: 11 × 5 ¹⁄₂ inch
More info:

Country paper; thick and greyish; Devanāgarī characters handwriting large, bold and legible; fols. 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 coloured with yellow pigment; fol. 7 is of special interest in that 7a has only a line and a half and 7b only three lines; similarly similarly fol. 3b has 4 ½ lines, fol. 4a 3 lines.

Age: The Ms. Is not very old.
Author: Anonymous.
[1. Evidently for kalpakhaṇḍe, which would give us the title of the work as amanaskakalpakhaṇḍa, Cf. Ind. Off. Cat. I, iv. P. 602a for identical work.]

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Attributed to: Vedānta BORI