MS Pune BORI 749-1891-95

ID: 97880
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Located in: Pune
Shelfmark: 749-1891-95
Table of contents:

The Ms. is divided into six chapters as follows, but carelessly written.

Chapter Title No. of Verses Ending on folio No.

I Devārccana 14 2b

II Nityadarśanātmabodha 23 4a

III Tattvaupadeśa 6 5a

IV Advaitabodha 5 6a

V Avasthātrayabodha 6 6b

VI Svayaṃ ātmabodhaprakāśa 41 9b

Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Physical completeness: Complete
Number of folios: 9
Lines per page: 7
Letters per line: 31
Sheet dimensions: 9 ³⁄₄ × 3 ³⁄₄ inch
More info:

Country paper, frayed or broken at the ends; Devanāgarī characters; handwriting bold, clear and uniform; borders ruled by double brown lines; red pigment used to mark colophons; occasional marginal corrections.

Age: Fairly old.

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Attributed to: Vedānta BORI