MS 650-1884-87

ID: 97215
Year: 1831
Catalog: Katre 1949 (pp. 58-60)
Script: Devanagari
Material: Paper
Condition: Good
Size: 12 in. by 5 1/2 in.
Extent: 43 leaves; 12 lines to a page; 46 letters to a line
Completeness: Complete
More info:

Country paper; smooth, thick and greyish; Devanāgarī characters; handwriting clear, uniform and legible; borders indented with single line; text in the centre, comm. above and below it; red chalk-marks verse-numbers, colophons and text citations in commentary. Name of comm. Adhyātmasudhātaraṅgiṇī; ms. divided into 7 taraṅgas as follows; I 11, II 7, III 7, IV 7, V 10, VI 18, VII 4; yellow pigment frequently used.

Print sources
  • Scholarship:
    Aufrecht 1869 (Text: kārikāvalī - an abridgement of the Nigada by Śrīnivāsa, I 95a; 778b; adhyātmakārikāvali II 3A (by Niyamānanda). Commentary I 11b.)
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