ID: 96380
Full name: Ānandasundarī
Author: Ghanaśyāma
Year: 1722 c.
Discipline: Kāvya, Nāṭya
Genre: Nāṭya
Structure: 4 acts
Alternative names: Āṇaṃdasuṃdarī

The Ānandasundarī is a saṭṭaka in four acts. Like all saṭṭakas, the predominant language of the play is Prakrit. The author, Ghanaśyāma, says that he composed it when he was 22 years old.

The main character is the king Śikhaṇḍacandra. He marries the princess Ānandasundarī, the daughter of king Caṇḍavega of the Aṅgas.

The play contains two garbha-nāṭakas, one in the first act, and one in the fourth.

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