ID: 85297
Full name: Rāmamiśra
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 832
Year of death: 937
Alternative names: Somayāji Āṇḍān, Somāśi Āṇḍān, Śrīramamiśra
More facts:
  • Mentioned by Potter: 670A.Śrirāma Miśra or Somayāji Āṇḍān (1094-1150) See EIP 20, 2017, 187
  • Is this the R. who succeeded Nāthamuni after Puṇḍarīkākṣa and before Yāmunācārya (according to hagiographies)? This would fit the date given here, but not the one given by Potter
  • Said to be a direct disciple of Rāmānuja

mentioned (as Śrīrāmamiśra) as supporting his view by Meghanadāri in Nayadyumani, Adhyayanavidhiprakaraṇa.

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