ID: 85196
Full name: Uddyotakara
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Brāhmaṇa
Other social identifier: Bhāradvāja gotra
Activity years: 560 c. - 630 c.
Alternative names: Udyotakara
Name in local script: उद्द्योतकार
Refs to refbooks:
NCC II, 337

Uddyotakara is the Brahmin author of a sub-commentary called the Nyāyavārttika on Gautama’s Nyāya‧sūtra (ca. 2nd c. CE). He refutes the Buddhist logician Dinnaga (ca. 6th CE), and quotes the Vādavidhi [Vādanyāya]of Dharmakirti as well as the Vādavidhāna‧ṭīkā [Vāda‧nyāya‧ṭīkā] of Vinitadeva.

Uddyotakara is cited by Dharmakirti in the Nyāyabindu, and is named by Subandhu in the Vāsavadattā‧kathā (ca. 600 CE).

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