Bhattacharyya and Potter 1992

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Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume VI. Indian Philosophical Analysis from Gaṅgeśa to Raghunātha Śiromaṇi. Ed. K.H.Potter and Sibajiban Bhattacharyya. Princeton, N.J. 1992

Print title: Indian philosophical analysis: Nyãaya-Vaiśeșika from Gańgeśa to Raghunãtha śiromańi
Print kind: Book
Editor: Potter, Karl H.; Bhattacharyya, Sibajiban
Year: 1992
Address: Princeton
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Volume: 6
Series: Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies
ISBN: 9780691600123
DOI: 10.2307/j.ctt7zv3p9
Languages: English
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