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Pakṣatā studied in N. S. Dravid, Pakṣatā: the Nature of the Inferential Locus: a Psycho-epistemological Investigation of the Inferential Process. New Delhi 2007

Print title: Paksatā: the nature of the inferential locus : a psycho-epistemological investigation of the inferential process
Print kind: Book
Author: Dravid, Narayan Shastri
Year: 2007
Address: New Delhi
Publisher: Indian Council of Philosophical Research

Study of Tattvacintāmaṇididhiti of Raghunātha Śiromaṇi, commentary on Pakṣatā, portion of Tattvacintāmaṇi of Gaṅgeśa, dealing with the essential nature of proposition (pakṣatā), of Navya Nyāya school in Hindu philosophy.

ISBN: 8185636990, 9788185636993
Languages: English , Sanskrit
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