Katsura 2003

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Parārthānumāna, Dṛṣṭānta, and Jāti chapters summarized by Shoryu Katsura in EnIndPh9, 2003, 2342-349 and 360-362

Print title: Inference for others (Parārthānumāna); Example (Dṛṣṭānta) and fallacies of the Example; Futile rejoinder (Jāti)
Print kind: In Collection
Book title: Buddhist philosophy from 350 to 600 A.D.
Author: Katsura, Shōryū
Editor: Potter, Karl H.
Year: 2003
Address: Delhi
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
Pages: 342-347; 347-349; 360-362
Chapter: Pramāṇasamuccaya
Volume: 9
Series: Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies
Languages: English
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