Yuyama 1987

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A. Yuyama, "Remarks on the Køkiji fragment of the Lokaprajñapti", in India and the Ancient World: History Trade and Culture before A.D. 650 (Festschrift P.H.L.Eggermont) (Leuven 1987), 215-227.

Print title: Remarks on the Kôkiji fragment of the Lokaprajñapti
Book title: India and the ancient world : history trade, and culture before A.D. 650
Author: Yuyama, Akira
Editor: Pollet, Gilbert
Year: 1987
Address: Leuven
Publisher: Departement Oriëntalistiek
Pages: 215-227
Series: Orientalia Lovaniensia analecta, vol. 25
Languages: English
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