Jha 1900-1907

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Tarkapāda (I.1-4) translated, with Kumārila's Ślokavārttika and excerpts from Pārthasārathi Miṣra's Nyāyaratnākara and Sucarita Miśra's Kāśikā, by Ganganatha Jha. BI 146, 1900-1909. Portion reprinted in Source Book 498-505

Print title: Ślokavārtika: translated from the original Sanskrit with extracts from the commentaries of Sucarīta Miçra (The Kāçikā) and Pārthasārathi Miçra (The Nyāyaratnākara)
Print kind: Book
Editor: Jha, Ganganatha (Sir)
Year: 1900
Until year: 1907
Address: Calcutta
Publisher: Asiatic Society of Bengal
Volume: 146
Series: Bibliotheca Indica
Languages: English
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