ID: 41099
Full name: Kauṇḍabhaṭṭa
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 1600 c.
Year of death: 1660 c.
Social identifiers: Bhaṭṭa
Activity year: 1640 c.
Alternative names: Kauṇḍa, Koṇḍa Bhaṭṭa, Koṇḍabhaṭṭa, Koṇḍubhaṭṭa
Name in local script: कोण्डुभट्ट​
VIAF ID: 7519987

Refs to refbooks:
13, 255ff., 424, 505, 92, EIP 5, NCC V, and 16

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Children: Kuṇḍalagiri
Students: Vanamālimiśra
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Been to: Vārāṇasī
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