ID: 40774
Full name: Sāyaṇa
Gender: Male
Year of death: 1387
Place of birth: Hampe
Alternative names: Sāyaṇāchārya
Name in local script: सायण​
VIAF ID: 280243905

In colophons he calls himself mahāmantrin of saṅgama, who was father of harihara ī and bukka ī (d.1376) of vijayanagara, whom sāyaṇa also served in the same capacity. He continued to write under bukka's successor and son, harihara II (r.1377-1404). see Macdonell 1905.259,275f; ṣmith 1923.316f.; CC.ī.711b. He is a towering literary figure of ṣouth īndia, most famous for his voluminous Vedic commentaries, which are rich in grammatical comment. Many works written under his name, however, are probably by his pupils. ālso confusing is the fact that he dedicated works to his religious brother mādhava. One such is the mādhavīyadhātuvṛtti.

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