ID: 40490
Full name: Basava
Gender: Male
Social identifiers: Bhūpāla, Nāyaka, Vīraśaiva
First regnal year: 1696
Last regnal year: 1714
Activity year: 1709
Alternative names: Basavappa Nāyaka, Basavarāja
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People this person sponsored: Cokkanātha
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  • Meulenbeld 1999-2002 (HIML) (Name of person: IIA.329 | Family name: IIA.332 | Religious: IIA.332 | Person date: IIA.332 | institutional: IIA.332 | Place been: IIA.332 | (One of) Relationship to other people: IIA.332 | (One of) Relationship to other people: IIA.332 | (One [TRUNCATED])
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Father: Somaśekhara
Mother: Cannāmbikā
Teacher: Cannavīrakara
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Been to: Kelaḍi
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Attributed to: Vedānta BORI