The Rája Taranginí 1835

ID: 114104
Print kind: Book
Short name: The Rája Taranginí 1835
Print title: The Rája Taranginí: A History of Cashmír, consisting of four separate compilations
Name in local script: राजतरङ्गिणी। अर्थात् काश्मीरदेशीयराजकीय इतिहासः॥
Language: Sanskrit
Year: 1835
Address: Calcutta
Publisher: Baptist Mission Press
Discipline scholarship: Kāvya (historical)
Genre scholarship: Mahākāvya (Rājataraṅginī)
More facts:
  • Commenced under the auspices of the general committee of public instruction; Transferred to the Asiatic Society, with other unfinished oriental works; and completed in 1835
  • I- The Rája Taranginí, by Kalhana Paṇḍita, 1148, A. D.
  • II- The Rája Taranginí, by Jona Rája (defective), 1412, A. D.
  • III- Continuation of the same, by Srí Vara Paṇḍita, Pupil of Jona Rája, A.D. 1477
  • I- The Rájávalí Páṭaka, by Prájya Bhaṭṭa, brought up to the conquest of the valley by Emperor Akber
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