ID: 110275
Full name: Caṇḍīdāsa
Gender: Male
Activity year: 1300 c.
Name in local script: चण्डीदास
More facts:
  • Not identical with the author of Sāhityadarpaṇa [cf. De (1960) Vol. 1, pp. 159-60]
  • Younger brother of the grandfather of Viśvanātha (author of Sāhityadarpaṇa) [cf. NCC Vol. 6, p. 298b]
  • Grandson of Nṛsiṃha Tarkapañcānana (author of Gaṇamārtaṇḍa commentary on Dhātupāṭha Saṃkṣiptasāra) [cf. NCC Vol.19, p. 69 a]
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People this person was known to: Lakṣmaṇa Bhaṭṭa
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